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AEWA Species Action & Management Plans

Coordinating Conservation Along the Flyway

AEWA Single Species Action and Management Plans are tools used to set conservation goals for the populations of selected waterbird species listed under the Agreement and to coordinate conservation efforts in all range states along species migratory routes (flyways). Although only AEWA Contracting Parties are formally obligated to implement an adopted Single Species Action or Management Plan, in practice the plans apply to all principal range states within the particular species' flyways - whether they have yet become a Party to the Agreement or not. This approach aims at ensuring that coordination of conservation efforts along flyways occurs, with the aim to make the conservation of a species as effective as possible along its entire range.

The AEWA International Species Management Plan (ISMP) for the Svalbard Population of the Pink-footed Goose was adopted at the 5th session of the AEWA Meeting of the Parties in May 2012, in France. In addition to the general framework for conservation efforts provided by the AEWA ISMP, range states are also encouraged to adopt National Management Plans for the Svalbard pink-footed goose.

For more information on other Single Species Action or Management Plans adopted under AEWA, please visit the AEWA website.

For details on international and national management plans for the Svalbard pink-footed goose please click below:

Pink-footed geese taking off