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Danish ‘Improved Goose Hunting’ Project

This is a Danish demonstration project, initiated as part of International Species Management Plan, to test how the regional organization of hunting in Denmark of pink-footed geese can be optimized, whilst minimizing the disturbance and wounding of geese.

The project relies on voluntary agreements and is carried out in close cooperation between hunters, landowners and scientists to achieve common learning and adaptation of the experiment. The intention is to improve the goose hunting experience for hunters, whilst ensuring hunting is responsible and sustainable as part of the holistic management of a natural resource. It is hoped that the voluntary involvement of participants will ensure the continuation of agreements after the trail period. The long term goal is that this new form of management can be disseminated and adapted to other areas and species and generally help to resolve conflicts in nature management.

This is a Danish research project carried out in collaboration between Aarhus University and the Danish Hunters' Association. The project receives funding from 15 June Fund. The project was started in summer 2012 and is expected to last for four years.

Full details can be found on the Aarhus University website (in Danish only).

Danish and English project descriptions are attached as PDF files.

Field hide with hunter and gun
Educational wounding leaflet produced by Danish Nature Agency