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3rd meeting of IWG held in Ghent, Belgium

The third meeting of the AEWA Svalbard Pink-footed Goose International Working Group (SPfG IWG) took place on the 10th and 11th December 2015 in Ghent, Belgium.

The IWG convened to hear about current developments regarding the implementation of the International Species Management Plan (ISMP) for the SPfG. There were a number of key objectives for the meeting which were open for discussion within the International Working Group (IWG). These concerned two main areas for which the IWG was expected to agree and provide recommendations on:

1. The AEWA SPfG ISMP strategy for the next 3 year cycle from 2016-2018
1.1. Yearly decision cycle and harvest quotas
1.2. Wounding of geese (termed crippling)
1.3. Non-hunting actions
2. The future structural / organizational requirements for ISMP and its effective implementation, taking in to account:
2.1. Costs and benefits of the SPfG ISMP process
2.2. New modelling requirements / developments for the Adaptive Harvest management (AHM) and monitoring of the population
2.3. Development European Goose Management Platform (EuroGMP)
2.4. Next meeting and selection of next Chair country for the SPfG IWG

For full details of the meeting and to read the final meeting report please see the meeting page on this website.

Date added: 03-02-2016

3rd International Working Group meeting, Ghent, Belgium. Photo: Eckhart Kuijken