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Current Size: 76%

Latest population status in 2013

The population of the Svalbard pink-footed geese has continued its growth and reached a new peak size of just over 81 thousand individuals. However, the rate of increase declined slightly due to a below average productivity as a result of a relatively cold 2012 spring in Svalbard. The overall proportion of juveniles in the population was estimated to be 9.9%. The preliminary 2012 hunting bag data from Denmark and Norway indicate a decrease in the annual harvest of pinkfeet, at just over 11 thousand.

For more details please see the 2013 Population Status Report.

The population status of the Svalbard pink-footed goose will be evaluated each year and reported next in the summer of 2014. You can find out more about periodically produced reports in the Annual Reports section.

Date added: 30.08.2013