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Pink-footed goose skein As part of the adaptive harvest management of the Svalbard pink-footed goose an annual review of the 2013-2015 AHM strategy is undertaken and the 2014 Progress Summary Report has now been published. [Read more]
Pink-footed goose flock lift-off The 2014 annual review of the Svalbard pink-footed goose population has now been published. The report provides an overview and commentary on the population status of the Svalbard pink-footed goose in 2014. [Read more]
Pink-footed geese on grassland, central Norway An article has been published in AMBIO which describes and summarises the evaluation of a regional subsidy scheme in central Norway, which used ecological ranking of fields to guide the allocation of subsidy payments. [Read more]
Pink-footed geese in front farm house, North Norway A new international research initiative has just started with a ‘kick-off’ workshop held on 10-11 February 2014 in Tromsø, Norway. [Read more]
A new banner poster has been received by the Coordination Unit for the AEWA Svalbard cheap viagra online pink-footed goose International Working Group. [Read more]
Pink-footed goose population development and target graph. A new article has recently been published on PLOSone. It describes and summarises stakeholder perspectives about setting population targets and the implications for waterbird management and population regulation. [Read more]
Pink-footed goose sitting on nest, Svalbard, Norway. A study has used snow conditions in Svalbard to predict the breeding success of the pink-footed goose. The authors predict that with a climate-induced decrease in snow cover in Svalbard, the population of pink-footed geese will increase its growth, at least in the short term. [Read more]
Norwegian and Danish stakeholder group photo, Hotel Fjordgården, Ringkøbing, Denmark A group of scientists, managers and stakeholders from Norway recently gathered in West-Jutland, Denmark to exchange experiences with their Danish counterparts about pink-footed goose hunting practices and management. [Read more]
Pink-footed geese grazing on pasture Vesterålen, North Norway. An open access article has recently been published on PLOSone. It describes the historical background and impact of a regional subsidy scheme in reducing goose related conflicts with agricultural interests in North Norway. [Read more]
This August the latest efforts to monitor the impact of a rising pink-footed goose population on fragile arctic tundra in Svalbard were conducted by an international research team, led by Professor Jesper Madsen from Aarhus University. [Read more]


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